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What info we need from you!

In order to receive your quote as quickly as possible, please help us help you by providing as much information as possible.
The more information you’re able to give us initially, the less questions we have to ask you in return, and the sooner you’ll have your quote!

When sending an enquiry email, please include the following information:

What kind of process you are interested in? If you don’t know, don’t worry! We’ll give you our recommendation.
(Screen Printing, Digital Transfers, Digital Printing, Embroidery etc)
How many colours in total your artwork has, if you’re using screen printing. (e.g. Front Chest Print = white, red, green & blue = 4 colours)
Please list Colours for each separate print position.
How many garments in total you will be printing onto per each design.
Will you be supplying the garments? or would you Like us to?
Pro Print Group is able to Supply Garments at wholesale prices


The colours of the garments you’ll be printing onto
(e.g. x20 white shirts / x30 black shirts)

(Not Necessary if you don’t know initially)
A size break-down of the garments. (e.g. 10 small / 20 medium etc)

Also please include any artwork you have, even if it is only a rough draft or mock-up, as it will help the quoting process.

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